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TF Semiconductor Solutions Inc.

TF Semiconductor Solutions Inc. is our official partner - and we are the distributor.




About Telefunken Semi Inc.

TF Semiconductor Solutions, Inc. is an internationally recognized pioneer in semiconductor technology.

The company's mission is to leverage excellence in process design and excellence to solve complex integrated circuit (IC) challenges worldwide.

In the semiconductor industry, a deep understanding of systems and applications, experienced designers and customized process technologies are critical. At TF Semi, a unique set of core processes has been developed, accompanied by a dedicated team of technologists, to create outstanding ICs for power management and motor control.

TF Semi is proud of its global leadership in the development of energy-efficient integrated circuits in the areas of power management and motor control.

With proprietary process technology, global design teams and an innovative intellectual property portfolio, TF Semi can provide the electronics industry with groundbreaking solutions that increase performance and reduce energy consumption.

Their commitment to excellence and technological innovation remains strong as they shape the future of the semiconductor industry.

120 years of company history

Pin-to-pin compatible crosses with technical advantages

High performance driver up to 700V

Personal support and prompt technical advice

Short delivery times


Let's think about gate drivers.

Currently, 90% of installed electric motors run continuously at full speed, even when this is not required, and use mechanical systems to adjust the power.

This corresponds to an inefficient driving style in which the driver accelerates and brakes at the same time. The example of electromobility shows that 50% of electricity consumption is accounted for by electric motors, which are often oversized and inefficient.

The introduction of intelligent motor drive systems can increase efficiency by more than 30 % and save at least 10 % of electricity consumption, which corresponds to around 1.7 trillion kWh for all electric motors worldwide.

This saving theoretically exceeds the conversion of all light bulbs worldwide to LED lighting by a factor of four. This shows the enormous potential for saving energy and increasing energy efficiency - and the potential of suitable gate drivers from TF Semi. TF Semi.