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Quality is no coincidence,

but the result of years of work in a global network.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know that your parts are original and in good condition?

Our suppliers are committed to 100% delivery reliability. A optical incoming goods tests has to be done for every delivery.

Based on a strict supplier evaluation of our existing suppliers, we reflect on their performance every year and constantly develop quality agreements and delivery modes. 

This is how we have managed to keep the RMA rate at 0%. 

Can we have the chips tested by you?

Apart from the fact that, due to our suppliers, we only supply original goods from franchise channels and, from our point of view, the tests are not necessary, we work together with the market-leading test house so that we can offer external testing in accordance with your parameters.

We will of course provide you with the test reports in paper or digital form.

Do you accept delivery times?

We have a warehouse and offer you, our customer, security warehouses, framework agreements and quantity contracts free of charge.

We are happy to keep goods in stock for you and deliver them on time. Changes in the delivery date can be accepted in a 24 month framecontract range. 

Which manufacturers can you supply?

In general, we work independently and freely and are therefore able to supply any manufacturer, whether in the semiconductor segment or for PEMCO (IP&E) components.

Do you have the same delivery times as the distributors?

Our big advantage is that we have global access to stock and can usually deliver to you within 2 weeks - no matter where the goods are and to any location where you are.

What are the payment terms at RTS pro?

As a rule, you do not have to pay in advance, you only pay for the goods when you receive them.

Our quality system is the core of our work.

There are many competitors who promise you a lot and deliver little.

We would rather forgo an order and stand by our promise of quality than disappoint you.

Customers from the medical, aerospace and sensitive measurement technology sectors rely on us - and have never been disappointed.


We guarantee our quality and have developed three building blocks that guarantee our standard:

1. our ISO certification, which we use to document incoming and outgoing goods in a transparent and traceable manner ISO Zertifizierung, an Hand derer wir Wareneingang und Warenausgang transparent und nachvollziehbar dokumentieren.


2. our quality assurance agreement (QAA), with which we commit ourselves and our suppliers to 100% quality and adherence to delivery dates.

We would like to sign these with you in order to start a basis for a long-term and resilient partnership


 3. Direct communication.

We are aware that we are problem solvers for you and that is why it is important to keep customers and participants in the purchasing process well informed at all times.


ISO9001:2015 and our quality promise in german (excerpt)

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